Travel Tips #1 | Budapest

Soundtrack / Everything in its right place, Radiohead

Everybody says that Budapest is the Eastern Paris. They probably do have lots of things in common, both have rivers, beautiful buildings, cultural roots and a deep history. Probably the only difference is that Paris is always beautiful, too beautiful, you see beauty in every corner. In Budapest you see its errors and the clear signs of the war. People have let the buildings talk for themselves, you won’t find them hiding behind an unjust renovation to cover what they’ve been through, on the contrary they express themselves with their bright colors, geometric artdeco reflecting tiles and their revealing windows. And what happens when a six stories building disappears after destruction and leaves an “urbanistic hole”? Nothing, the hole stays and you open a bar for the people to enjoy a relax at any time of the day or night. We definitely loved Budapest, and the best way to enjoy it is to rent a bike and never stop rolling. Seriously, it’s really hard to stop.   IMG_7556IMG_7558IMG_7598IMG_76022014-05-02_13990237552014-05-05_1399293261Processed with VSCOcam with b1 presetING Headquarters, Erick Van Egeraat | Budapest | photo by mv_mqd “The façade design reflects the richness and complexity of historic façade treatments found throughout the city.” IMG_7580IMG_7597Budapest Whale, CET Building, Kas Oosterhuis | Budapest | photo by mv_mqd “CET is a perfect blend of old and modern. The contemporary design is combined with two beautifully restored historic warehouses from 1881.” IMG_7599IMG_7600IMG_7609 Great Market Hall | Budapest | photo by mv_mqd IMG_7619 Chain Bridge | Budapest | photo by mv_mqd IMG_7635



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