Metti un sabato sera al Museo…
(sì perchè il giovedì e il sabato il Museo del Novecento chiude alle 22.30 e vale la pena approfittarne).


Pleasant and Unpleasant are the way we feel our daily urban experience. Pleasant and Unpleasant represent the intangible qualities of our environment. A book for curious and really CRITIC mind!

“Unpleasant design is an accumulation of urban phenomena in which social control and its inherent design are playing a significant role in the way we perceive and engage in public, semi-public and semi-private space.
How to detect and subvert an unpleasant design?
Pleasant is a plateau; it is a state we would hope to achieve for long, stable, self-reinforced periods, describing not just a sudden moment or event of our lives, but a rationale and means for prolonging a wider system or network.
Pleasant describe the systemic shape of our lives, and the means, which things persist.


Follow the research on the UNPLEASANT DESIGN WEBSITE

TAPIS INOPIA by Jean Jullien
o give to: obsessed graphic designers, comic writers and friends with sense of humor

Jean Jullien is a French graphic designer currently living in London.

Lili and Ralf. A lovely couple of hand woven rugs that with a small price will bring cuteness anywhere in your house.

To order them and to know more about Jullien’s work:


13 December
WALHUB by Upwell Products
to give to: friends with a really short memory, messy or obsessive-compulsive people

WALHUB is a functional cover plate that provides storage for the objects that often come and go with you – keys, mail, umbrella, scarf – even a place to hold your phone while it charges. Walhub replaces your underutilized switch plate using the same screw holes your existing cover plate uses. Simply remove the old plate and replace it with Walhub.
It is not yet available for the italian switch plates, but Upwell is always open to new ideas, so write an email to them at (as we’ve already done) and ask for an implementation…because we absolutely need for WALHUB!
available HERE from 10 to 16 dollars 


Earthen floor: a modern approach to an ancient practice
o give to: tutti i designer (inteso nel vero senso della parola: progettisti, bando alle categorie) ma anche ai committenti (magari solo quelli che ci stanno più simpatici e che già sono un pò illuminati)

Un libro sui pavimenti in terra cruda, con approfondimenti sul materiale… leggiamolo o regaliamolo perchè Maqualidesigner siamo se quando dobbiamo scegliere con che materiali progettare non conosciamo il primo che gli esseri umani hanno usato quando hanno iniziato a “creare”?
available from 21 dollars on Amazon

natale earth-01


My Never Home by Labomint
To give to: hesitant and always “don’t-know” friends, architecture addicted.

“My never home” grown from the collection of designed but never realized interiors. laboMint started to collect all its forgiven design, little plans that tells about relationships and spaces in a dedicated archive and then they realized a collection of daily objects. These objects talk about 10 years of overtaken, discared and not preferred design… but with an appealing  and beautiful texture. In collaboration with Essent’ial.
From 5 euros (box) to 187 (wallpaper)
Buy HERE on laboMint store