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Pleasant and Unpleasant are the way we feel our daily urban experience. Pleasant and Unpleasant represent the intangible qualities of our environment. A book for curious and really CRITIC mind!

“Unpleasant design is an accumulation of urban phenomena in which social control and its inherent design are playing a significant role in the way we perceive and engage in public, semi-public and semi-private space.
How to detect and subvert an unpleasant design?
Pleasant is a plateau; it is a state we would hope to achieve for long, stable, self-reinforced periods, describing not just a sudden moment or event of our lives, but a rationale and means for prolonging a wider system or network.
Pleasant describe the systemic shape of our lives, and the means, which things persist.


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“Avvertire che un edificio non esercita alcun fascino su di noi potrebbe significare che non ci piace il temperamento della creatura o dell’essere umano che oscuramente individuiamo in esso; al contrario, se lo definiamo bello forse sentiamo di essere in presenza di un carattere che, se prendesse vita, sarebbe di nostro gradimento. In fin dei conti ciò che cerchiamo in un’opera architettonica non è diverso da ciò che cerchiamo in un amico.
Gli oggetti che definiamo belli sono versioni delle persone che amiamo.

to give to: photographers and architects friends with a dark side

The first book of (we hope) a long series was presented Sunday 14th December in Reggio Emilia (Italy).

The title of the book’s title might not sound so christmassy, BUT if you look at it from another point of view you’ll find it very interesting and appealing to you and many of your friends and family. This book not only is more than a year of work, but it’s also a way to give dignity and attention to all those architectures that are considered “dead” in absence of human activities, but instead they are very much alive and have a lot to tell.

Davide Guldoni is a very talented photographer and graphic artist living in Italy and definitely kicking some asses!

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