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To give to: l’amica/o che si sente diva, l’amica col capello unto, l’amica/o attenta/o ai dettagli, l’amica/o che ha lasciato il cuore in oriente

Il regalo che vi proponiamo oggi è una sciccheria da non lasciarsi scappare e di sicuro la soluzione per tante amiche dai gusti difficili: il turbante Grey Gardens. Quello che ci piace è l’attenzione al dettaglio, un’armonia di tessuti e texture, il tutto

Per le amiche friulane (che non ci mancano) potete trovare questi fantastici copricapi nel concept store Être, a Pordenone. A Milano nel regno vintage di My room o scrivete a:



to give to: photographers and architects friends with a dark side

The first book of (we hope) a long series was presented Sunday 14th December in Reggio Emilia (Italy).

The title of the book’s title might not sound so christmassy, BUT if you look at it from another point of view you’ll find it very interesting and appealing to you and many of your friends and family. This book not only is more than a year of work, but it’s also a way to give dignity and attention to all those architectures that are considered “dead” in absence of human activities, but instead they are very much alive and have a lot to tell.

Davide Guldoni is a very talented photographer and graphic artist living in Italy and definitely kicking some asses!

To order it click here, and to like his facebook page here!


BLOCKITECTURE by James Paulius
to give to: single architects, architects with kids, all the bob the builder wannabes

Produced by Areaware, a Brooklyn company who highlights the work of american designers with irony and sense of humor.

“Hard to get much blockier than Brutalist architecture, but the hard thinkers of Areaware were up to the challenge. Sculpture meets cityscape meets haptic fun in this set of nesting hand-painted blocks. Designer James Paulius’ intent was to create a timeless toy that challenges the user’s creativity and understanding of physical laws.”

To order them:

and to know more about James’ work click here!


LessIS by Maria Jennifer Carew
to give to: minimalist, fashionist, geek, 3D print addicted

LessIS is a collection of pendants born from the idea of simplifying as much as possible the concept of necklace. The pendant has a crucial role, more than the chain that supports it.
Mixing this new point of view, Jennifer has experimented her intuitions with a good dose of “simplicity” (or ability to synthesize, one of the designer’s skill we love more) and the 3D print using materials such as bronze, brass and nylon. And the results are some young, iconic and fun accessories that draw a new way to wear them.
Let’s do some shop: from 11 euros HERE on Detaildesignstore, HERE on Fulfildesign or @ Gallery on the Move (via Elba, 30 – MI) !
and follow LessIS on the fb page!


TAPIS INOPIA by Jean Jullien
o give to: obsessed graphic designers, comic writers and friends with sense of humor

Jean Jullien is a French graphic designer currently living in London.

Lili and Ralf. A lovely couple of hand woven rugs that with a small price will bring cuteness anywhere in your house.

To order them and to know more about Jullien’s work:


FOLDIO by Orangemonkie
to give to: wannabe photographers, smartphones obsessed, ebay addicted, food bloggers

FOLDIO is an ultra-portable (foldable) light box for smartphone shutterbugs who want to add a new dimension to their work or take some professional-looking product shots. Foldio is calling itself the “world’s first foldable portrait studio” and even provides its own lighting, thanks to the built-in LED strip. And to top it off, the white background sheet can be replaced with a myriad of different color sheets, all of which are washable.
To discover more, follow their new kickstarter crowndfunding “FOLDIO2 – bigger & smarter”
available HERE on Orangemonkie store from 49 dollars (1 LEDstrip) to 59 dollars (2 LEDstrips)


BÜBI BOTTLE by Craig Madaus
o give to: heavy water drinkers in your entourage

Award-winning scrunchable multi-use bottle

This is way more than just a water bottle. Use it as a pillow when it’s half empty, put in the freezer, roll it up and stuff it into your smallest hand bag, refill it without wasting anymore plastic, soak it with soap and slip it inside out to wash it. Well just get it for you loved ones, and remember:

  • BPA free!
  • Dishwasher and microwave safe
  • always retains its shape
  • never releases harmful chemicals

It comes in very cute and fun colors and you can find it on amazon or on: