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Lately one of my favorite songs.

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One hour and half passed in a second at Les Nuits de Botanique last Saturday in Brussels. He’s an amazing and shy performer, funny and breath-taking. Definitely a MUST see concert this year, don’t miss him!

Here you have his tour dates, and since you’re there download Bandsinstown. You can thank me later!



Arthur Beatrice – Midland – Working out
Super scoperta a Les Nuits 2014 Botanique, la band DAVVERO indipendente formatasi a Londra nel 2010.
Consiglio? Andate a vederli se avete l’occasione e ascoltate tutto il disco in attesa di quello nuovo. ah, no shuffle allowed!

“The band members created a unique path for themselves by running their own label, Open Assembly, and taking control of their own promotions and concert bookings. They attracted a fair amount of attention through word of mouth and through their social media channel.”